Maintaining your Air Conditioning Units

At G T Refrigeration we know that running a business is not an easy thing to do with so many components to think about. With this in mind do you really want to be worrying that your air conditioning unit is not circulating clean air in the most effective and efficient way it can? We think not so this week we have an animation to share with you on our quick top tips for ensuring that your air conditioning unit is running the best it can.

Overall you are running your business to make a profit. Therefore it is important to make sure that your unit is running effectively so you know you are being cost effective as reducing your expenses. A well maintained unit means that if anything does need fixing the costs are likely to be lower. We advise annual servicing by a professional even if you feel competent carrying out the routine maintenance as there could be things you are missing. With the unpredictable weather that living in the England can bring it is important that you are ready to switch on your air conditioning for one of those unexpected heat waves!

Click below to view our animation:

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Here is a quick rundown of the video:

1. Replace or clean filters to improve efficiency every month or two depending on use.
2. Check and clean the air conditioner coil to minimise the dirt near the condenser unit.
3. Check the refrigerant level & recharge if needed.
4. Make sure outdoor unit is level to avoid damage to fan motors & compressor.
5. Remember to check the user manual if in doubt – call a specialist!