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The Dangers of DIY Air Conditioning Recharges


Now that summer is officially here most people have started to use the air conditioning in their cars, however some will probably find that theirs isn’t working as it should. Like any component of your vehicle, over the years your air conditioning unit is subjected to wear and tear and therefore needs to be recharged at regular intervals. Unfortunately, this can often be expensive, which is why some people choose to do it themselves instead.

However, it has recently been suggested that recharging your vehicle’s air conditioning yourself can actually be detrimental to both the entire system and your vehicle. Travis Mock, supervisor for AAA Auto Repair, said that recharging your own air conditioner is not as easy as some people make out, which is why it is always best to go to a professional. He claims that people who buy cans of refrigerant are in danger of overcharging their air conditioning units as they don’t have the tools to gauge how full they are. Continue reading

Look after Your Car’s Air Con This Christmas

Weather forecasters have predicted snow and brutal weather conditions. As Britain is expected to reach freezing temperatures this winter, air conditioning in our cars is probably the last thing on our minds.

However, keeping the air conditioning in your car maintained properly will ensure that the heating also works, and in this cold weather, getting stuck in a traffic jam without heating will be something everyone will want to avoid.

Mechanical or electrical defects on your car’s air con can happen at any time and can be expensive to fix, due to the many components within the system including compressors, thermostats, condensers, electric motors and rheostats. It can require removing the car’s dashboard to get to some of the parts, and it one case, has cost a massive £2,038.41 to repair.

Last winter, the UK was covered in centimetres of snowfall and darkness and there were a number of fatalities and car accidents across the regions.

Making sure that your air conditioning system is in order can protect you and your passengers against the big freeze and avoid the risk of freezing in your vehicle. A car warranty plan that provides cover on your air conditioning, drivers can have peace of mind if anything goes wrong over Christmas – it’s not a good time of year for a hefty garage bill.

To prepare the public for winter weather, the government has already launched its ‘Get Ready for Winter’ campaigns, to help avoid the manic that the weather brought to the UK last year. Last year, December 2010 because the coldest in the UK for 100 years.