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Refrigerator Magnets – More than just your average bric-a-brac

Fridge Magnet

Every so often, something weird and wonderful comes from the air conditioning and refrigeration world, hence the air conditioned suit. This week we have heard that now refrigerator magnets may be able to cool fridges!

Everyone loves a fridge magnet and it is predicted that in the future they will be so much more than clutter for the front of your fridge. According to MIT researchers they could be used as the cooling agent.

Their theory explains that the magnons that are found in magnets rotate and is called “spins” as well as these spins, the magnons also give off heat and according to the research that was carried out that when the magnons are introduced to a magnetic field, they travel from one end to another. This means that the heat is taken with them and therefore a cooling effect occurs. Continue reading