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Air Conditioning Units in the Office


With Christmas tomorrow, your office air conditioning is probably the last thing that you are thinking of but take a mental note of these tips and when you get back to the office after too much turkey consider what measures need to be taken to ensure your unit is running efficiently in time for summer.

There tends to be a lot of equipment that generates heat in offices including, printers, computers, scanners and photocopiers. On top of this there are also standards for the insulation levels in offices so this is a recipe for a very hot room and makes cooling an office a slight challenge. Continue reading

Tinted Windows Could Save on Energy Bills

Pretty much all of us have seen the glasses that get darker to sunnier it gets well now this technology could be moving to windows which will hopefully be able to do the exact same thing.

The technology is called glass architecture and scientists are hoping this will help many organisations save on their use of energy by up to a fifth. This is a great thing, especially as everyone is trying to be more environmentally friendly and also save some money in the current economic climate.

According to researchers at De Montfort University this window technology can be operated by a button. It is currently being tested in two office buildings.

The technology has been developed by SAGE Electrochromics and it works because the glass is covered with a ceramic coating. As a result of this is can change the level of tint required when it comes into contact with a small electric voltage.

Those looking into this technology are thought to be the first to investigate whether the system changes how employees use the air conditioning when their office becomes too hot.

Dr Birgit Painter is co-ordinating the project has said, “Window blinds that are typically used to control daylight are often left down so that occupants lose the benefits of daylight and views – this is known as “blinds down, lights on” syndrome. Electrochromic glazing could address this issue, as well as reducing reliance on electric lighting and air conditioning.

“The windows can be controlled manually or automatically, with the control settings tailored to the application. And unlike blinds, the glazing still gives the occupants a view outside.”