Air Conditioning Units in the Office


With Christmas tomorrow, your office air conditioning is probably the last thing that you are thinking of but take a mental note of these tips and when you get back to the office after too much turkey consider what measures need to be taken to ensure your unit is running efficiently in time for summer.

There tends to be a lot of equipment that generates heat in offices including, printers, computers, scanners and photocopiers. On top of this there are also standards for the insulation levels in offices so this is a recipe for a very hot room and makes cooling an office a slight challenge.

There have been many studies conducted over the years to determine the temperature at which offices should be to ensure that those working in the office are doing so productively. There is no definitive temperature that has been decided on but the research has concluded that the best working temperature is between 21 and 23 degrees.

Air conditioning is probably the best and easiest way of cooling an office and maintaining a temperature no matter the size and it can be used all year round to heat in the winter too to keep this temperature. Another benefit of an air conditioning unit in the office is that it also provides humidity control as well as cleaning the air through filters which ensure a comfortable and healthy working environment.

The main reason for wanting the optimum temperature in an office is so your workers perform as well as they can. If a body is either too hot or too cold, energy is used to try and regulate the temperature which mean energy for cognitive functions is much lower. It also means that your workers are much more prone to illness such as colds and headaches as well as developing allergies. Although it might not seem so obvious an air conditioning system in an office that isn’t working efficiently can actually spread germs and chemicals throughout the space.

To avoid this you need to ensure that there is a proper space for the air conditioning unit and that it is ventilated and it also needs to be installed by a professional as well as maintained.
An efficient system will allow you to have the right temperature and humidity in the office for which all people present will be able to function as well as they can. Air conditioning systems are designed to have little or no noise and also ensure that all air being cooled is clean.