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How Long is this Weather Set to Last?

As we see the hot temperatures of the last week and a half slowly disappearing over the weekend, we have to wonder, was that our summer and is over?

Here in Britain our heat waves never last very long and last week was no exception. The weather is predicted to go back to typical May/June weather at the weekend. Forecaster Charlie Powell is saying June will carry on being fairly predictable. The weather is going to be just as expected over the next month, sunny spells interspersed with rainy spells.

If there is going to be any dramatic weather changes over the summer this year then the forecasting team will know about it well in advance and as of yet there are no signs of an extraordinary summer.

The reason for us never having exceptionally warm weather or exceptionally wet weather during the summer months is due to our position on the globe and it just isn’t possible. Although, Cumbria is situated in an area which means it is subject to winds coming from three different directions which all bring along different types of weather.

There is no way of accurately predicting what the weather will be like this summer as anything after a five day prediction isn’t reliable, although all the signs look like we are in for a traditional English summer.

Last year the hottest day of the year came in October when the surprisingly warm spell came and many dubbed it an Indian summer. As we can never be sure when the hot weather will strike us here in Britain, it is always best to ensure your air conditioning unit is working all year round. This will not only prolong the life of it but also its effectiveness, which can be vital on those muggy days in the office.

Air Conditioning Technology was Predicted 100 Years Ago

Crystal ballJohn Elfreth Watkins, an American civil engineer, wrote an article in the year 1990 making predictions about what the world would be like 100 years later and some of them, in fact, have actually come true.

The article was published by the relatively unknown engineer in an American women’s magazine, which was titled, “What May Happen in The Next Hundred Years”. Many of his predictions were accurate including, air conditioning, mobile phones and digital colour photography.

His visions and prediction for the future would seem almost unreachable at the start of the 20th century. Watkins anticipated ready meals, for the average life expectancy to rise to 50 years old and the innovation of television.

Although many households have digital thermostats, the visionary predicted the concept of air-con which would regulate the temperature of the house by turning on hot or cold air.

Not all of Watkin’s predictions and prophecies were correct though, as he thought that flies and mosquitoes would be exterminated, that there would be no more C, Q or X letters in the alphabet and that everybody will walk 10 miles a day.