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More Blustery Weather!

Last week we were all recovering for the blistering cold of the snow and preparing for the rain and potential floods and the ice melted. It was even suggested we slow down the thaw process by building snowmen! Well after some brighter weather this week and the remainders of any snowmen well and truly gone, this weekend looks to be the same.

It is predicted that there will be more showers and a lot of wind with even the chance of hail. This is likely to affect most of the west whilst in Scotland there may still be some snow in some of the higher areas.

As of 8am this morning there were 36 flood warnings that had been issued by The Environmental Agency, most of which were in the Midlands and North West regions.

Tonight there should be clear but there will be some persistent rain. On top of this the clouds are becoming thicker in the south will also bring heavy rainfall. In the Northern Isles there were winds of between 75 and 85mph.

Much of the country will be experiencing bright and breezy weather for the next few days which should bring warmer temperatures. Although, like last week, probably still not air conditioning weather. With January blues out of the way it should be the time for planning holidays to warmer climates, if the purse strings will allow it!

More Snowfall Followed by Potential Flooding

Over the weekend and much of the week we have been disrupted by the snow. Just when we thought the worst was behind us, it looks like there are more disruptions ahead. Even though the snow is slowly disappearing, this means it is thawing and with the heavy rainfall that is expected around most of the country, it means there are more risks of flooding again.

50 flood warnings have been issued around the UK as the ice begins to melt and on top of this in some areas ice warnings are still in place. According to forecasters there will be one more final heavy snowfall and hopefully the weather will warm up slightly, don’t go putting your air conditioning units on yet, it won’ be that warm! Temperatures are expected to reach 10C in the south on Sunday. It is believed that the north of England could see 15cm of snow and the south may see up to 5cm.

A spokesman from the Environment Agency, Roy Stokes has some up with a creative and fun way for those who will need to be making preparations for the floods; “Ideally if everybody built themselves a snowman it will slow the thaw down a bit.

“If you notice when people clear their drive the snow thaws away but the compacted piles stay.

“That would give a balanced thaw which would be helpful.” However, after this comment the Environment Agency has said this will make little difference, although it is a nice idea.