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More Snowfall Followed by Potential Flooding

Over the weekend and much of the week we have been disrupted by the snow. Just when we thought the worst was behind us, it looks like there are more disruptions ahead. Even though the snow is slowly disappearing, this means it is thawing and with the heavy rainfall that is expected around most of the country, it means there are more risks of flooding again.

50 flood warnings have been issued around the UK as the ice begins to melt and on top of this in some areas ice warnings are still in place. According to forecasters there will be one more final heavy snowfall and hopefully the weather will warm up slightly, don’t go putting your air conditioning units on yet, it won’ be that warm! Temperatures are expected to reach 10C in the south on Sunday. It is believed that the north of England could see 15cm of snow and the south may see up to 5cm.

A spokesman from the Environment Agency, Roy Stokes has some up with a creative and fun way for those who will need to be making preparations for the floods; “Ideally if everybody built themselves a snowman it will slow the thaw down a bit.

“If you notice when people clear their drive the snow thaws away but the compacted piles stay.

“That would give a balanced thaw which would be helpful.” However, after this comment the Environment Agency has said this will make little difference, although it is a nice idea.

The Hottest Places in the UK

Hasn’t it been a glorious month! The weather has been beautiful all over the UK and we’ve experienced one of the hottest March’s on record. So here at GT Refrigeration we thought it would be a great time to look at the hottest temperatures ever recorded in the UK. So why not check out our infographic below:

We can see that the hottest temperatures recorded are all located in South, (lucky for us). Although this March we didn’t beat any temperature records (except in Scotland) the air con has definitely been on in our office all week.

We can also see that for ¼ of the year we need to have air conditioning, especially if you still want your staff to come to work even during the summer time!
If this month is anything to go by, we think that we are going to be seeing many more hotter days year on year, let us know what you think. Do you think you will be switching your air con on much earlier on in the year?