The Culture Secretary Believes that the British Weather is better than Tourists Think

CornwallIt has been claimed that the Government is to use the UK’s most unpredictable feature to promote the country by trying to persuade tourists that the weather is not as bad as they think!

Ministers believe that tourists do not realise that the weather in Britain can be pleasant as other cities like New York and Paris and are launching a marketing campaign to tempt tourists away from their air conditioning units in their hot countries and come to visit us in Britain!

Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, announcing the Government’s “Great” advertising campaign in 14 cities, said, “We have lower rainfall than Paris. We have to make sure people understand the reality about the weather.

“It is not always as hot as New York but much more pleasant. Come and get a suntan in St James’s Park — you’ll find that it is much more pleasant than a crowded beach on the Med.”

According to tourist board VisitBritain, London is drier than New York, Brisbane, Rome and Rio de Janerio, and has a higher minimum daily temperature than Dublin, Toronto and Seattle.

However, we all know that it’s probably not the best time to run the campaign, with the snowfall and freezing weather we’re having, as The Times pointed out.

A Met Office forecaster, Dave Britton, said “If you are not happy with the weather one day, you might be the next.”

Among the “Great” adverts and marketing campaign to promote tourism in Britain include a Union Jack livery on a New York subway train and 200 taxis in Delhi, as well as a giant flag projected onto Sugar Loaf mountain in Rio de Janeiro. Union Station in Toronto will also be covered in posters advertising British heritage and culture.

Hunt also added, “Critics will say we’ve gone berserk in terms of austerity. But we say this is the biggest chance we will have to market Britain in our lifetimes. So we are telling the naysayers to get stuffed and are going for it.”