Choosing an air conditioner


Summer time is here (although it may not feel like it sometimes) if you haven’t got an air conditioning unit installed in your office or house yet now is the time do to so. However, there are many makes and models all capable of doing lots of different things so how do you know where to start? Well here at G T Refrigeration we have written a breakdown for you to get you started!

First of all you need to know how they work. Once the unit is on and running the air that passes through goes through the unit and over a cold evaporator coil. Here the air is cooled and the moisture that is in the air that often causes the feeling of humidity is removed. This air is then blown back into the room making it a cooler environment for it to be in.

During this process air is also needed to keep the evaporator coil cold. This is usually done through an open window or via an exhaust hose. While this cooling process is taking place water is also produced; this is why air conditioning systems come with a tank which needs to be removed and emptied periodically. If you don’t have a tank but you do have an external draining facility this will allow the water to be filtered away automatically.

When looking for a new unit to buy you might want to consider the efficiency reading. Air conditioners are rated from A to G with an A grade unit saving you the most money. You will also be able to increase the efficiency of your unit by ensuring that the hose is taking the hotter air to outside the building not inside the room. You should also keep the room as sealed off as possible by closing doors and windows. This will mean that your unit isn’t working overtime.

When purchasing an air conditioning unit it is important to look for one with an adjustable thermostat as this will allow you to control the temperature of the room. You may also want to consider one with a timer which will allow you to control when the unit goes on and off automatically. Next on your list of things to look out for are washable pre filters as well as odour eating carbon filters which will help to reduce any smell generated. The washable filters remove air and dust and protect the machine from debris. As a result they will need to be cleaned regularly. There are machines that have multiple settings including cooling, dehumidifying, fan functions or heating so consider the needs of the space to see if you need these functions.

Remember to have your unit serviced regularly by a professional to keep it running efficiently and to prolong is life.

Photo by Pixabay