Renewable Energy and Counterfeit Refrigerant


The Guardian has reported that the new environment and energy ministers for the Conservative party bring a reputation of actually opposing renewable energy. Those that have been appointed have reportedly opposed wind and solar farms and are very pro fracking.

Michael Hancock is the new energy minister and according to The Guardian he wrote and signed a letter to David Cameron stating, “I support renewable energy but we do need to do it in a way that gives us the most value for money and that does not destroy our natural environment.” He was referring to cutting the costs for onshore wind farms although this letter was dated back in 2012.

He has also fought against having turbines in his own constituency, Suffolk, where he argued, “The visual and other impact of the proposed turbines is completely unacceptable in this attractive rural corner of Suffolk.”

Liz Truss is the new environmental secretary and will play a big part in the environmental safety of shale gas exploration (fracking). She has said, “I look forward to tackling the important issues facing our rural communities including championing British food, protecting people from flooding and improving the environment.”

In other news in America, the FBI is warning for people to be on high alert as there are some refrigerants being used that haven’t been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.
There are some on the market that contain propane which can explode and is flammable too. There is now a demand since the R-22 phase out as some are looking for a cheaper replacement which of course hasn’t been approved by the official body. The unapproved replacements are being made in China and then sold on the black market and are easy to find online. Products such as “Super Freeze 22a” are being purchased by the “DIYers” who want to maintain their air conditioning units themselves according to the FBI.

For now, reports of explosions or fires seem to be rare but the more people that are purchasing the refrigerant themselves, the higher this risk becomes. It is essential that you let a professional carry out the maintenance work for you and especially when it comes to purchasing replacement parts or refrigerant.

Photo by Pixabay