Energy Saving


We have had a few days of sunshine which proved to us that spring is actually here but other than the odd scorcher, spring has looked like it hasn’t sprung. However, at GT Refrigeration we are here to tell you that it is in fact spring and on those days when we do get the temperatures that make us want to drag our computers out into the office courtyard, we have some energy saving tips for you.

The first reaction to a temperature change (as it gets hotter) is to blast cold air throughout the office so no one overheats or falls asleep at their desk! It may not come as a surprise to you that this actually isn’t efficient and it really isn’t right for your colleagues to be sitting in jumpers and scarves at their desks when it is nearing 30 degrees outside. Not only is this, but there are likely to be a few sick days due to people catching colds in the middle of summer!

If you have a ceiling fan in your office then you should use it. Whilst it isn’t as effective as an air conditioning unit in terms of removing heat, it does create a wind which can often reduce the temperature in the room by 5 degrees. Another top tip is if you have a dishwasher then it is a good idea to only run it in the morning or evening before the sun is too high. This means that any extra heat that might be generated from the machine won’t send temperatures soaring. However, it is likely that you are sitting in a room full of computers which means that there will be a lot of heat generated from them. When you are off to a meeting or leaving the room for lunch, put them on standby mode or even better, shut them down.

You could also get your business to invest in high efficiency bulbs. Whilst they are more expensive in the short term, in the long term they do save money as they use one tenth of the electricity when compared to a normal bulb will use.

These suggestions are of course not an alternative to your air conditioning unit but it will help you reduce the amount of heat and therefore work your unit has to do. If the unit is working more efficiently you are also saving money on your energy bill too!

Photo by Pixabay