Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant for Vehicles


Which refrigerants that you should and shouldn’t be using in your air conditioning systems have been a hot topic for a while now to ensure that they become environmentally friendly and over the years this is exactly what has happened. DuPont have now announced that they believe there will be 3 million vehicles around the world that will be using the HFO-1234yf refrigerant by the end of this year.

The president of DuPont chemicals and fluoroproducts is Thierry F.J.Vanlancker and he has said “The EPA credits alone provide enough incentive to automakers that we expect to see more than 50 per cent of automobiles in the U.S market converted to HFO-1234yf by 2018.

“Of course, we expect higher conversions in the European market, driven by the need to comply with the MAC Directive.”

The refrigerant itself was created specifically to allow manufactures of vehicles to be able to comply with the new Directive. This is because all new models of cars that are now sold within EU member states need to use a refrigerant that has a global warming potential of 150 or less which needs to come to fruition by 2017.

Whilst the refrigerant has been created to meet this new need in the market Mercedes has actually rejected to switch as they believe it to be potentially flammable. Although DuPont have said, “While a few voices in Germany continue to raise concerns about this product relative to flammability and potential incineration by-products, these claims have been extensively and thoroughly investigated by third party research initiatives in a setting that simulates real-life situations. Based on results of these evaluations, HFO-1234yf has been accepted by the automotive industry and by regulatory bodies.”

In other news in the industry, there is going to be a legionella and water treatment conference this year during September. It is going to be held at Aston Villa Park in Birmingham and topics for discussion will include the approved code of practice L8 and HSG274. There is also going to be discussion on guidance for healthcare facilities which includes care homes and nursing. There are going to be a number of key speakers and experts and is likely to be a popular event.

Photo by Minesweeper / CC BY-SA 3.0