Get Cash Back from Government Scheme – The Green Deal

British Money

It has been announced by the government that there will be a sum of money available to households that wish to make improvements to their home that will make them energy efficient.

There is often much debate in the air conditioning world about how environmentally friendly the units are, however, over recent years there have been a lot of changes to the way in which the units work to improve their impact on the environment. This means that if you have a unit in your home that is over 10 years old, there will have been advancements in efficiency that your unit won’t have.

The funding is coming from the new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund which means that if you are a homeowner in England or Wales, you will be able to get money back on efficiency measures such as wall insulation and heating systems, according to the Department for Energy and Climate Change. The scheme will be open in June this year. Here is what it includes:

• £1,000 for installing two of the measures suggested on the list,
• £6,000 for having solid wall insulation installed,
• £100 refund for your Green Deal assessment.

Ed Davey is the energy secretary and he has said the “best way for households to take control of their energy bills is to use less energy.” The government has set aside £50 million to help homeowners achieve this, not only for the sake of their own energy bills but also for the sake of reducing the carbon emissions emitted every year by Britain. This money will make it easier for homeowners to make improvements.

Nigel Bank is the sustainability director at Keepmoat Group and he said that the fund offered by the government “was more generous than previous measures… and softened the impacts to the recent changes around ECO.” He later went on to say that some of the most obvious home improvements to effect environmental efficiency in a positive way, such as loft insulation and heating control insulation, were not featured on the list.

The deal also works by the government paying the money directly to the homeowner’s accounts within 10 days which means that the work that has been carried out by Green Deal providers may not be paid for in full. Nigel Banks suggests that the money should be paid straight to the businesses.

If the energy efficiency measures that are suggested carried are out, based on a three bed semi-detached home the average saving per year is around £270. If the homeowner is also to make improvements such as boiler upgrades there will be further savings of up to £100 per year.

Photo by Pixabay