Service your Unit


Temperatures are on the rise (thankfully) so it is important that you don’t forget the machine that is going to keep your employees comfortable and productive throughout the summer; your air conditioning unit.

There have been reports that 40% of air conditioning units that are not maintained properly and need a repair leave users without a cooling unit for at least a day, which during a day that reaches record temperatures, it is a very long day.

The president of Sig Cox Heating and Air Conditioning is John Haynie and he has suggested that the average lifespan of a unit is between 10 and 13 years. The best way to ensure that your unit last this long is through preventative maintenance and regular servicing.

Mr Haynie likened this to changing the oil in car, if you keep checking and maintaining the oil levels along the way, this can stop a lot of problems later on down the line. Which means that when you purchase a new unit you should get a maintenance contract out or you can always call us. At G T Refrigeration we have many engineers that are able to service your unit annually (or as often as you like) and advise you on any repairs that need to be carried out. If you wish, we can also go forward and make the repairs ourselves.

Martin Hoover owns the Empire Heating and Air Conditioning in Atlanta and he has said that a service at least twice a year is sufficient as you will have your filters changed, the drains cleared and the motors and compressors checked and this should help keep your unit running smoothly. He continued to say, “That is what keeps your unit running well and (reduces) the recurrence of summertime breakdowns.

“The most common problem is dirty filters without a doubt. People often think about changing them, but they forget and never get around to it. Then the unit is icing up, pumping the oil out of the compressor and not blowing out cold air.

“People often forget about their AC units until they’re broken and it it’s too late.” Ensure that it isn’t too late and book in your service now!

Photo by Pixabay