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Alternative Gadgets to Air Conditioning


You have probably read our blogs on the air conditioned trousers and the air conditioned suit that is encrusted with diamonds; we have found a few more weird and wonderful inventions to keep you cool during the summer months! Although, if you are looking to maintain your street cred, these products are not advisable.

There is nothing better than coming home after a day at work and taking your shoes and socks off. Well now you can have this feeling all day long by investing in an air conditioned pair of shoes. They are made of leather and have vents in the soles of the shoes, however, the only worry is will these vents suck up dirt from the pavement? If so, you might end up with cool feet but look like you have been walking through a dirt track with no shoes on! Continue reading

Air Conditioning vs Fans


With our brief taster of summer and hopefully the rest still to come many of us will switch our air conditioning units on in the office without even thinking twice. However, those who live in countries with a hotter climate year round are often faced with the potential costs of the systems and many end up asking the question if fans would be more efficient in terms of money. Continue reading