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A Very British Summer

As we all know by now, this has to be one of the wettest summers we have experienced for a long time. However, things don’t look like they are about to brighten up anytime soon.

For the rest of August it is predicted to be sunshine and showers again, so don’t put away your raincoat or umbrella away anytime soon. In the north it looks like it is going to be more rain than in the rest of the country.

If we are to see any sunshine this summer it will be the south that gets the full benefit but rain is still likely during the rest of the month.

The good news is that there are no weather warnings around the country which means that August is already shaping up to be a better month than June.

Many are still finding use for their air conditioning units though as these constant sunny and rainy spells are causing the air to become muggy and uncomfortable. Remember to make sure your air conditioning unit has been properly serviced in case the summer suddenly bursts forwards and we are overwhelmed by a heat wave.

Even if this isn’t the case it is essential to make sure they are properly maintained especially with a few cases of legionnaires disease reported over the last few weeks.

If you are managing to escape the wet weather here in England let us know below or on Twitter.

How Long is this Weather Set to Last?

As we see the hot temperatures of the last week and a half slowly disappearing over the weekend, we have to wonder, was that our summer and is over?

Here in Britain our heat waves never last very long and last week was no exception. The weather is predicted to go back to typical May/June weather at the weekend. Forecaster Charlie Powell is saying June will carry on being fairly predictable. The weather is going to be just as expected over the next month, sunny spells interspersed with rainy spells.

If there is going to be any dramatic weather changes over the summer this year then the forecasting team will know about it well in advance and as of yet there are no signs of an extraordinary summer.

The reason for us never having exceptionally warm weather or exceptionally wet weather during the summer months is due to our position on the globe and it just isn’t possible. Although, Cumbria is situated in an area which means it is subject to winds coming from three different directions which all bring along different types of weather.

There is no way of accurately predicting what the weather will be like this summer as anything after a five day prediction isn’t reliable, although all the signs look like we are in for a traditional English summer.

Last year the hottest day of the year came in October when the surprisingly warm spell came and many dubbed it an Indian summer. As we can never be sure when the hot weather will strike us here in Britain, it is always best to ensure your air conditioning unit is working all year round. This will not only prolong the life of it but also its effectiveness, which can be vital on those muggy days in the office.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

As the weather is getting hotter, it is time to think about maintaining the air-conditioning unit so it functions properly over the year.

It isn’t safe to carry out the maintenance personally so a professional service person should be called. However, there are a few checks that can be done to make sure they are running efficiently. These include: clearing the evaporator, maintaining the condenser and handling the refrigerant.

Clearing the Evaporator

In some units the evaporator is not accessible and it will not be possible to clear it without professional help. However, if it is accessible then the first step is to locate the evaporator by removing any insulation wrapped around the plenum. Once this is done, an access plate will be uncovered which needs to be unscrewed. Inside will be the evaporator unit which, to clean the underside, needs to be cleaned with a stiff brush. Just be careful of any movements so not to damage the pipes. Next the tray underneath the unit needs to be cleaned. There is a hole in the tray which can get blocked in very humid weather so pour a tablespoon of household bleach into it.

Maintaining the Condenser

In most air-conditioning units the condenser is located on the outside of the building and tends to gather dirt and dust. They are easy to clean with a commercial coil cleaner which is on sale at most fridge retailers. The fins of the condenser need to be cleaned with a soft brush as they are prone to damage. Do not use water as this can turn any dirt into mud and it will get stuck between the fins. During the winter the condenser unit should be protected to stop blockage and ice damage.

Handling the Refrigerant

In most air conditioning units the refrigerant used is Freon and if this is too low or too high then there is a possibility that no cooling will happen. If there is a suspected Freon problem a specialist must be called to sort the refrigerant lines.

What can be done without professional help is checking the lines running from the condenser to the evaporator. If the insulation is worn this needs to be replaced with the same type as it will slow down the efficiency of the air-conditioning unit.

Think about Maintenance on your Air Conditioning

SpannerWith the weather being so cold and wet at the moment, it may seem like an odd time to consider getting your air conditioning checked out. However, it may actually be the perfect time to start thinking about it, as if you take care of your air con units before there’s a problem, you will stand a much better chance of not only saving time and inconvenience, but also a great deal of money, as preventive care is always less more expensive than repair work.

Another good reason to have your air conditioning units checked out by a professional is because of the demand in the summer. The summer is when people realise that their air conditioning system isn’t working properly. In some cases, you may be stuck in a situation where all the repairmen are busy with emergency jobs and cannot come out to check yours out for a few hours or even days.

Get in contact with GT Refrigeration for maintenance on your air conditioning units, it will make your system more efficient which can save you money on air conditioning bills.

Look after Your Car’s Air Con This Christmas

Weather forecasters have predicted snow and brutal weather conditions. As Britain is expected to reach freezing temperatures this winter, air conditioning in our cars is probably the last thing on our minds.

However, keeping the air conditioning in your car maintained properly will ensure that the heating also works, and in this cold weather, getting stuck in a traffic jam without heating will be something everyone will want to avoid.

Mechanical or electrical defects on your car’s air con can happen at any time and can be expensive to fix, due to the many components within the system including compressors, thermostats, condensers, electric motors and rheostats. It can require removing the car’s dashboard to get to some of the parts, and it one case, has cost a massive £2,038.41 to repair.

Last winter, the UK was covered in centimetres of snowfall and darkness and there were a number of fatalities and car accidents across the regions.

Making sure that your air conditioning system is in order can protect you and your passengers against the big freeze and avoid the risk of freezing in your vehicle. A car warranty plan that provides cover on your air conditioning, drivers can have peace of mind if anything goes wrong over Christmas – it’s not a good time of year for a hefty garage bill.

To prepare the public for winter weather, the government has already launched its ‘Get Ready for Winter’ campaigns, to help avoid the manic that the weather brought to the UK last year. Last year, December 2010 because the coldest in the UK for 100 years.

Is your air conditioning unit keeping its cool?

With August getting us hot under the collar in Britain, some people are turning to their air conditioning and have only just realised that their units doesn’t seem to be working anymore. People who have air con units don’t have to spend a lot of money to have ensure a longer life for their unit. Here are a few of our top tips-

As the key component of your homes air con system relies on the coils within the unit to remain free to cool the incoming air, you should keep in clear of debris by removing grass and weeds, as well as keeping a lookout for any insects.

To do this, switch off the electric power, remove the sheet metal screws and lift off the housing. Remove the debris and use a cloth to clean off the coils, some people use a garden hose but this is at your own risk. If you do choose to use a garden hose, do your best to avoid the electronics as there is a risk of electric shocks. Check for any bent coils and straighten them as well as you can before replacing the housing and tighten all the screws carefully.

Next, check for insects, especially for ants as they can be a dangerous intruder. Ants will take up habitation in your air conditioner as they seek shade and water, which can cost you a lot of money. You could have your ducts sealed which could help keep insects out and also puts a stop to hot air leaks into return ducts, which can overburden your air conditioning unit.

Don’t forget to check your filters and clean them on a regular basis (depending on how much you use them) as well as keeping an eye out for leaks as early as possible.

Following these tips and maintaining your air conditioning unit should help ensure a longer life for them.

Getting the most out of your air conditioning unit

It doesn’t happen very often for us in the UK, but when it does, we can definitely get hot under the collar from the summer heat. It’s nearly August and some of us have started to get uncomfortable at night. But don’t lose sleep because of the heat!

For those of us who have air conditioning units to keep us cool at work and at home, sometimes we can be wary of turning the units on because of the costs of running them. However, here are some top tips for getting the most out of your air conditioning unit.

Filters, filters, filters! You may have heard it all before, but keeping them clean is vital for peak efficiency, and can be ignored.

Close the doors and windows to keep the cool air in and hot air out when using your air conditioner. It may be an obvious tip, but we’ve all seen it happen before, whether it’s at work or at the gym. At home, you could also block the vents in unused rooms, if you have central air.

If you work in a shop or store, close your doors and don’t let the cool air fly out the window. Some countries have rules to fine store owners, who leave their doors open and air con running.

Each degree lower increases cooling costs by 6%, so set the thermostats no lower than 78 degrees.

To save money on cheap air conditioning units, turn off your appliances that you aren’t using and turn off your lights, set a timer to turn them on and off if necessary.

Run appliances such as washing machines, ovens, dishwashers and dryers in the late night or early morning when it’s generally cooler. With the British summer, it’s a great excuse to cook outside with your barbecue – make the most out of the sunshine, if possible!

Love your air conditioner

Our air conditioners can be neglected until we desperately need them over the summer. Not keeping up with maintenance on your unit can run up a huge bill for some consumers. It is said that air conditioners can lose up to around 5% of its overall efficiency if they go without maintenance each year. Air conditioner lovers can avoid unexpected failure during the hot summer by looking out for signs that their air con units are due for service.

Check out for obvious signs

Obvious signs that air conditioning units aren’t running to their full potential include; when the humidity in your home or office has increased and if it hasn’t been cooling your rooms as effectively as it has done in the past.

Not always recognisable

We understand that it isn’t always easy to know if your air conditioning unit has a problem, which is why maintenance every year can be important. Maintenance and inspections may include; checking the refrigerant levels to make sure there are no leaks, inspect safety controls, cleaning or changing the filters, cleaning and checking the compressor and electrical components, cleaning the outdoor coil and checking the air flow and temperature. Customers should make sure that they call a professional to clean, inspect and tune their air conditioning units. This ensures that your air conditioning unit is in safe hands and will be maintained property.

Is it time to replace your air conditioning unit?

If your air conditioner unit is over 10 years old, it’s more than likely that you’ll have an expensive bill for maintenance repairs. If so, it could be time to start thinking about replacing your old air conditioning unit. With the new technology around, it’s possible to get more energy efficient and environmentally friendly model. Even though they can be more expensive to buy, they can use less energy which may save you money in the long run.

Maintenance on your air conditioning unit

The British summer is upon us and even though we’re not having the hottest weather at the moment, it may soon well be. Before it does turn hot, it gives us plenty of time to check and maintain our air conditioning units.

July and August is when we start to get calls from hot and bothered people who have air conditioning units, including the LG R410a and need maintenance done. Ideally it’s best for customers to call us in spring, when it’s not too hot so we can prepare them for the sizzling summer.

You can help upkeep your air conditioning unit at home by spotting leaks and checking the filters in the unit. If they are dirty, it’s easy to clean them out. Ideally they should be changed every three months – but it depends how much you actually use the air conditioning.

Another tip is to make sure the unit is not clogged or covered with dirt or leaves outside the house. However, don’t use a water hose to clean the unit out because of the risk of electric shocks.

To make sure cool air won’t leak from supply ducts, which can make your air conditioning units less efficient, is to have your ducts sealed. This can also prevent hot air seeping into return ducts, which may overwork your air conditioning unit.

If you have had your air conditioning for a long time and have not had any maintenance work on the unit, contact GT Refrigeration for a check up as we can tune, repair or replace your units.